Truly Abysmal Children’s Literature

I’ve done a lot of book reviews for Chalcedon, and I thought you might like me to share them with you.

Some of these books were breathtakingly, astoundingly bad. Here’s a book supposedly written for children under 12–Spartan and the Green Egg: The Poachers of Tiger Mountain.

Looking back on it, this book is more hair-raisingly awful than it seemed while I was reading it. Conferring virtual omnipotence on children, by means of insanely high technology, is not an idea I can get comfortable with.

And what would possess any mother to name her baby “Spartan”?

This book is just so incredibly bad, I might actually be afraid to read it to a child. What if it puts him off reading for life? What if he gets mad at me for insulting his intelligence?

But worst of all–

What if he thinks it’s good?

I wake up screaming.

7 comments on “Truly Abysmal Children’s Literature

  1. It is truly disheartening to see what is being pushed on young children now. I can hardly believe this junk

  2. I remember reading classic comics like Ivanhoe and Oliver Twist in the back seat of the family station wagon. Sad that today’s children are missing out on quality literature, even in their comic books!…It’s been a while since I’ve been online, the updated blog looks amazing!!! Great job!

  3. I read more than a few Classics Illustrated, in my day.

    The story you reviewed seems all too familiar; if only the children had their way, they would show us the path to paradise. Of course it’s drivel and children with all of these gadgets somehow came into ownership of these things without having done a lick of work. Beyond that, they seem to have a very flexible reality, which reduces to a high-tech explanation for magic.

    Ok, make-believe is a legitimate form of entertainment, and I’ll grant some license for that, but many of these stories make children the heroes at the expense of adults. No wonder we have a generation that has accomplished nothing, but are certain that they are smarter than the generation which feeds, clothes and houses them.

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