The Declaration of Independence

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(She thought she was shredding the Declaration…)

Imagine trying to discuss the Declaration of Independence with some stone-headed university twollop.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident…”

“Self-evident” means that no one but a Marxist meat-head would try to deny them.

“That all men are created equal…”

Yes, we said “created,” not “evolved.”

“And endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights…”

What–threatening to sue us because we mentioned the Creator? And that He gave us our rights. Not you, not the state, not the government, not some international panel of jidrools. Our rights come from God Himself. And “inalienable” means we can’t give ’em away and you can’t take ’em away. You can imprison us and you can kill us; but all that makes you is a wild animal that will be brought down someday by a stronger wild animal.

“Among them are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

Yeah, somehow “rights” to abortion, sodomy, pedophilia, and “environmental justice” (still trying to figure out what that is!) somehow got left out. They certainly weren’t proposed to our ancestors as anything worth fighting for. Nobody set foot on Omaha Beach so men could play in girls’ sports leagues.

The Declaration is written on our hearts by the finger of God.

8 comments on “The Declaration of Independence

  1. I remember so well when our class of 7th grade memorized all the words to this great document. I bet they don’t even read through it in the schools any more. We memorized a lot of such things in those days. I am still glad we did, wish the current crop of youngsters had the same opportunity.

    1. Me, too–in seventh grade.
      I wonder what percentage of today’s college grads can identify the source of those quotes. “Uh… Cher? Did Cher say that?”

  2. I agree completely. The thoughts in the Declaration of Independence were the expression of what most people naturally seek. It puzzles me that a small, but very vocal, group of people find freedom so offensive.

  3. Great post, Lee!! Trump says fraudulent Biden is the most unpatriotic president in our history. Why would they expect our military to fight for us when they are brainwashed to think America is not worth fighting for?

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