Facebook Bites America’s Ankles

Anti-fascist demonstrators gathered in protest at an alt-right rally in Portland, Ore., last year.

But these, of course, are not “extremists…”

Even as we celebrate our freedoms on Independence Day, Big Tech oligarchs are trying to erase them.

Lately Facebook has featured pop-up warnings: like, “You may have been exposed to harmful extremism” (like it was DDT or something), or “Are you concerned that someone you know is becoming an extremist?” (https://www.foxnews.com/media/facebook-warns-users-have-been-exposed-harmful-extremists)

Well… yeah! You guys, for starters. I’m plenty worried about you.

Facebook urges users to “get advice from people who escaped violent extremist groups” and offers a link to a bunch of leftids called “Life After Hate,” who claim “to help people leave far-right groups.” Sheesh.

Let me get off a letter to Facebook while I think of it–because it so happens I do know somebody who seems to be becoming an extremist.

“Dear Facebook–I am very concerned for my friend Joe Biden, who has spent an awful lot of time with Chinese Communist Party members–and we all know who’s the most violent gang of extremists on the planet, don’t we? Yup, that would be the CCP, the most prolific mass murderers in all of human history. But Joe thinks they’re swell! And contacting Life After Hate won’t help because they think communism’s groovy, too.

“How can I get Joe back onto the path of sanity? Please advise!”

But I won’t hold my breath waiting for an answer.

7 comments on “Facebook Bites America’s Ankles

  1. I know of one group of extremists that’s become very popular. It not only brainwashes its own followers but “disappears” dissidents and urges its followers to report any people who seem to be allied with, agreeing with, or even failing to disagree with the dissidents so the world can be purified of them. The name of this group is Facebook. Beware.

  2. When Facebook first came along, and I heard that you declared who were your friends, and who were not your friends, it struck me that this was childish nonsense. I now feel that I grossly underestimated the impact this platform would have. Social media is a perfect tool for influencing people and pressuring them to comply. Say something unpopular and you could find yourself “unfriended” by all sorts of make-believe “friends”, whom you have never met.

    Social media strikes me as having cheapened the concept of friendship. Johnathon and David were great friends because of their common love for God. My real friends are people with whom I share common interests or views. But these are not likely to be people that base their opinions on the flavor of the month social trend of the moment.

    For as long as I can remember, literally from my earliest childhood memories, I have been an independent thinker. I care about pleasing God, and I show kindness and respect to others, even if they live by different standards than I do, but I do not let others influence my character or my morality and ethics. In simple terms, I don’t follow the crowd. Social Media is conducive to pressuring its adherents into compliance with the crowd’s opinion. In my opinion, this holds with it the peril of allowing fads to dominate society. I believe that this explains much of the social phenomenon of the last decade or so.

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