By Request, ‘I’m Going Free’

SlimJim requested this–I’m Going Free by Vertical Worship. It’s wild, it’s a blast, and it’s come along just when we need it.

If the bad guys could see more of us doing more of us, maybe they’d be the ones who are losing heart!

4 comments on “By Request, ‘I’m Going Free’

  1. You are so right. If we would do more of this, who could resist the infectuous joy shown here? I remember days when it used to be like this, and sure enough, people from all over town would come to see what all the celebration was about, and many were saved.

    1. Rain is in this afternoon’s forecast, so I’d better go out and write while I can.
      Surely we can sing hymns to demoralize the bad guys.

  2. There are large church’s just like this one all over America. We need God to raise up leaders to coordinate the Body of Christ. We have the numbers, the largest voting block if every Christian who is truly saved votes righteously, but we need leadership. Please, Lord Jesus, send us Joshuas!

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