Good News: IRS Backs Down

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You may remember that the Infernal Revenue Service last month refused to grant tax-exempt status to a non-profit group, Christians Engaged. I’ll give you the incredible reason for that decision in a minute.

This week the IRS reversed itself–because most of the nation was outraged over it–and granted tax-exempt status to the Christian group (

Why did they refuse to do that in the first place?

Because…”The Bible’s teaching is affiliated with the Republican Party”! (

We are not told which particular idiot wrote that ruling. But we are thankful that the IRS reversed itself… after Republicans in Congress formally objected to it.

Who knew the Bible was based on the ideology of the Republican Party, which didn’t even come into existence until almost 2,000 years after the Bible was written? Uh, this Far Left ninny in the IRS “knew” that. I wonder what else he or she “knows.”

Really, if the GOP is the best the Bible can do, it’s time to go back to the drawing board.

Meanwhile, some jackass in the IRS has succeeded in branding his own beloved Democrats as the Anti-Bible Party.

I don’t think we can quarrel with that.

5 comments on “Good News: IRS Backs Down

  1. Most of these clowns would not know a Bible if one dropped on their foot, not to mention have any idea of what is in it. For example, I’ve heard it said that the Bible approves of slavery, but kidnapping someone into slavery was a capital crime under the Law of Moses. The slavery accommodated in the Bible was voluntary indenture, to which people could resort were they to suffer a financial reversal or if someone was foolish and squandered their assets. Even that had a limitation of seven years, at which point the indentured servant was released.

    1. Of the worst sort; one that believes all mankind was created in God’s image and that there is no bias on the part of God, so we should not judge our fellows. Yes, that’s nasty racism. 🙂

    2. About the OT slavery under halakha (Jewish law) … at the Jubilee Year (every 50 years) every slave was to be released, regardless of whether the years of indenture had been completed.

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