We Has Got to Bann White Foood!!!

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Yknow whats So Grate abuot Collidge?? Yiu “lern” stuph yiu nevvir wood of Lernt enny ware Elss!!!!!

This moaning we hadded a meting “Of” our Stoodint Soviet and a Prefesser she toled us “Eeting White food, it “is” Part of Acting White” and thats Wye we has got to Bollish it!!!!! We nevvor thinked Of “that” befour!!!

Now we know we has got “to” ban Awl White Foood!! Becose wen yiu eet it yiu Are Acting White!!!!!! Frentch foood, Ittalyin foood, and Chineeze foood “thay” “are” “awl” Whyte Foood and thay maik peeple Act White and fromb nhow On no-boddy thay Cant Be Aloud to eet it enny moar!!!!!!!! No more Wite Food in our Caffatyrier!!!! Ownly Peeple Of Culler POC Food wil Be aloud!!!!!!

(It dont effrect me becuase i moastly eet Jim Sox and hankerchifts!! that “is becose” of Moth Hoarmoans!!)

The prefesser she axplaned that Frentch Foood and Chineeze Food and aslo Ittalyin Food it “”reanfoursses Witeniss as “a” doormint rachel Idintitty!!!! That is anether Thing “we” lernt too-day!!! We “are” awl Getting Smarter evry Dhay!!!!!!

Then somb Hater Biggit he asked “then waht “are” we gunna Eet,, waht are we gunna Has in the caffatyrier??” so we beet himb up Foar Triggring us!!!!

Well we Can awlyaws Surve Bugs,, cant we, jist lyke the U-N says we shood!!! If yiu are eeting Bugs like Crickits and Wurmbs and Flys then thare is No whay “yiu Are” Acting Wite!!!!! and I think Prefesser Renfield he sayed that Furst!!!

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  1. I ate a cricket once in Mexico. It wasn’t horrible but not something I would want to eat on a regular basis.

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