‘Am I a Soldier of the Cross?’

It’s long past time for the spirit of this hymn to kick back into the church–Am I a Soldier of the Cross?, written in 1724 by Isaac Watts, sung here by Tennessee Ernie Ford.

Do we fear to own Christ’s cause, or blush to speak His name? How badly do we crave the good opinion of a fallen world?

3 comments on “‘Am I a Soldier of the Cross?’

  1. I do not fear any person’s opinion. I testify of the Lord everywhere I go, to the doctors and nurses at the clinic, the clerks at the grocery store, in restaurants, where ever. If they don’t like it — tough. That is one
    advantage in being old. Who would think of hitting an 88 year old woman.

    1. You and Solon have exactly the same take on that! Asked what gave him the courage to oppose the tyrant, Solon said, “My old age.”

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