Yes, They Really Do Mean to Enslave Us

Facebook Prods Users Who've Been Exposed to 'Extremist Content' to Get Help  | PCMag

Before the doddering dolt announced he was going to send goons door to door to make sure we’ve all been injected with an experimental drug–indeed, just two days before the Fourth of July, called “Independence Day” without a conscious irony–Facebook started issuing “extremism” and “extremist content” warnings.

Honk if you’ve ever heard them define “extremist.”

Check out those messages. “Are you concerned that someone you know is becoming an extremist?” My cousin voted for John Kerry once; that concerned me. “You may have been exposed to harmful extremist content recently” and it’ll make your ass glow in the dark or something. If either of these warnings applies to you, you can click “Get Support.” They’ll send someone over to write it all down when you rat out your brother-in-law.

The only extremists I ever come into contact with are the Far Left Crazies running our country into the ground. I am not impressed by imaginary “threats” posed by “white supremacists,” a dozen hillbillies with a 1970 pickup truck and a shotgun that sometimes goes off.

I’ll tell you what’s an extremist threat. Critical Race Theory.

Let’s see Facebook warn you about that.

This age is morphing into a mass frontal assault against what’s left of our freedom and dignity.

May the Lord our God defend us.

4 comments on “Yes, They Really Do Mean to Enslave Us

  1. Everything around us is really starting to sound like the early chapters of a dystopian novel. No, I take that back — more like the middle chapters.

  2. The American house is on fire and most Christians just want to sit back and watch it burn. The church, Christ’s mystical body, is the answer. If we won’t take a stand, maybe God will raise up a whole new crop of believers, you know, a nationwide spiritual movement that bypasses what gets called the church of today. God has a plan and His plan cannot be stopped – He always finds a Way.

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