‘Very Weird School “Policy”–Smile or Else!

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Where do “educators” come from? Is there a special place they go to, where they pick up strange ideas–or are they born cuckoo in the first place?

Very Weird School ‘Policy’: Smile–or Else!

In North Lebenon, PA, schools in 2018, students had to smile all the time–yes, the whole time they were in school (and that is certainly nothing to smile about!)–or else get put into “counseling,” or detention.

Fill in the blank and win a tin-foil hat! “I send my kids to public school to be ‘educated’ by full-blown loonies because __________.

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  1. All of these incredibly strange “decrees” arising from “people in charge” whether politicians, police or educators is designed to blunt our faculties of self-expression, protection and simply humanity. As people obeyed the mask decrees, little by little other decrees will come down the pike until we find ourselves acting as if we had no will at all. Most of these are tried first on youngsters who are naturally inclined towards obedience. Naturally, if you don’t obey it will be because you are mentally ill. Communists have tortured more people through medicine than through simple physical violence.

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