‘Idiocy on Steroids’ (2015)

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Boy, do you find crazy stuff in this blog’s archives! Impossible to remember more than little scraps of it.

Like, for instance… Why you are morally bound to cooperate when a mugger “asks” you for your money.

Idiocy on Steroids

The scary thing about it is, we don’t make this stuff up. It’s really out there, warping, corrupting, twisting, and unhinging our nation… every day. We don’t put words in these people’s mouths.

But maybe Satan does.

(Excuse my tone. I dreamed I went to Hell last night, and I wish I could forget it.)

4 comments on “‘Idiocy on Steroids’ (2015)

  1. Funny … if an alcoholic “asks” you for a drink and you give him one,you’re enabling him, which is confirming him in his body- and soul-destroying behavior. But according to the idiot in your original post, if a mugger “asks” you for your money and you give it to him, it’s not enabling him in his soul-destroying behavior but being charitable. Interesting.

  2. Speaking of drunks and crooks, can we have the quasi-hymn “Sit Down, You’re Rocking the Boat” from the film version of “Guys and Dolls,” sung by Stubby Kaye? I know it’s not a real hymn, but it’s kind of appropriate for our times and close enough to “Sinner Man, Where You Gonna Run To” to sort of count … right? 🙂

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