My Newswithviews Column, July 15 (‘Are You An “Extremist”?’)

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Nope, no extremists here!

Some of you have received these Facebook “extremist” warnings. Honk if you think “extremist” means Antifa or BLM.

Not to Facebook, it doesn’t.

Are You an “Extremist”?

And note the continuing efforts by leftids worldwide to train people to rat each other out. Do you know someone “at risk of becoming an extremist?”

Well, yeah, it happens that I do! Her name is Nancy Pelosi and she’s really gone off the deep end, I think she might be crazy. Isn’t it about time you guys carted her off?

They are out to erase our liberties, and they don’t mean maybe.

12 comments on “My Newswithviews Column, July 15 (‘Are You An “Extremist”?’)

  1. I would love to report AOC and Rashida Tlaib, but that would almost surely get me put on the government’s “extremist” list. I might even be locked up in solitary confinement along with the people who were arrested for insurrectionally letting themselves be guided into the Capitol by the Capitol Police and then standing around taking selfies.

  2. Fraudulent president Bide qualifies as an extremist saying requiring ID to vote is equal to the Civil War. Somebody please take this idiot off the stage. 80 million patriots are chopping at the bit to vote against Dems in Nov. 2022. And get this, when the GOP wins the House back in a landslide, Matt Gaetz is going to nominate Donald Trump for Speaker of the House and impeach Biden for breaking the law by having open borders – YAY!

    1. I’ve just read this, and I urge everybody here to take a few minutes and read it. We are letting evil people use King COVID to wipe out our freedoms and destroy our country.

      The virus does much less harm than the thieves, liars, murderers, and lunatics who want to rule the world.

  3. IMHO, Social Media is a very efficient conduit for forcing compliance with social whims, and whatever is in the wind that day. I refuse to participate and feel strongly that it is harmful.

    1. We were doing just great along those lines without the social media. The No. 1 lesson taught in public schools is that your age-group peers are the most important people in your life and you must at all costs win their approval–usually be slavishly conforming with them.

  4. To me, Social Media is about as welcome as a serious, infectious disease. I believe that it is flawed by its very character. Following/unfollowing, friending/unfriending and other ways of leading people to reveal their private thoughts strike me as childish and a way of promoting exclusionary behavior.

    In first grade, maybe, I might have told someone “you’re my friend”, or “I don’t like you anymore”, but any adult should know that nothing in life is so binary. Most people are somewhere in between. I may like a person person, but that doesn’t mean that I will reveal all of my private thoughts to them. Likewise, there are people I don’t find much to my liking, but I can still be friendly and kind towards them. There are people that I respect as business associates with whom will never be social associates.

    Having boundaries is an essential skill and having our life mapped out on some social media site absolutely destroys these boundaries. A person doesn’t necessarily want their friends involved in their workplace. Business and romance are a terrible combination. Business and hobbies don’t usually mix well, either. It’ll be a damned cold day in hell before I sign up for some social media site.

    1. On my first production night as associate editor with The Bayshore Independent, a friend of mine showed up drunk with a Mets beanie on. I could’ve sunk through the floor.

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