Themb Dam Catts!!!!!

Raging cat pulls down man's trousers and attacks his dog after they got too  close to her kittens

The catts thay Tryed “to” pull my Pance down tooo!!!!

I hadded a horrabull Time “this” moaning, a hole buntch “of” Catts thay chaised me “al Over the” kampas;, i think It “was” becose of my Moth Antenners thay thawt I was “a” bigg Moth and whanted “to” eet me!!!! Sombtimes it “is” Nott So Goood to be shot up full “of” Moth Hoarmoans,, it was saposed to Trans-foam me into a Wimmin but awl it done “was” maik me groh Moth Antenners!!!

I gotted awhay fromb “the” Catts jist In Tyme to heer too-day”s Lexture in Nothing Studdies it was awl abuot Math and how Math it is Racist!!!! Like frinstints yiu “Are” saposed to say 2+2 it maikes 4 ownly That Is Racist!!!! BECOSE 2 AND 2 IT DOUGHNT MAIK 4 FOR PEEPLE OF CULLER!!!!!!!!!! For themb “it” maiks 3!!!!!!

Math it is Racist becose themb ryte ansers thay “Are Not” ryte afftar awl,,, that are “Ownly” Yuro Sentrick!!!

And then somb Biggit Hater she sayed “Whell then waht abuot themb Hindoo-Arrabick nombers witch We “use” tooo?? Doughnt that meen Math it is “the” saimb for themb as it Is foar Us???”” So we beet her Up and the prefesster she sayed Wyte Peeple THAY STOLE THEMB HINDOO-ARRABICK NOMBERS fromb the Hindoo-Arrabick Peeple in Porchagul or somb-plaice,, IT IS ‘CULCHURUL Appropation!!!!!!!!!!!!”!” And whe shood Give themb Nombers backk to thare ryteful Oners!!!

“The Bottumb Line she sayed is that 2+2 it” is a Culchural Con-Struck and it doughnt meen “nothing at awl” and 2+2 maikes Whattevver yore Culchure seys it maikes!!!! “Iff I wuz yore Math Prefester and yiu gived me One “of” thoze Ryte Ansers I wood mark it Rong and Fale yiu and yiu wood wyned Up “in” Anty-Racist Trayning””!!!””

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  1. You have to love cats.

    So, apparently, things don’t add up the same everywhere. Wow! Now that’s a concept. Imagine if these imbeciles were right. Airplanes would fall from the sky, bridges would collapse and tall buildings would topple. Essentially, nothing would work. Nothing!

    The advance of civilization has helped a lot of people, including people in some of the less advanced who benefit from aid with food, medicine, etc. I am thankful for those things which make life easier, and which have allowed us to live longer and better lives. I wish these things for everyone; I truly do.

    It’s not hateful to solve a problem. If a solution to a problem I am having can benefit someone else, that’s not going to hurt anyone. If someone comes up with an innovation which solves one of humanity’s problems, it doesn’t matter where it was derived, the point is that the solution helps people.

    Mathematics is the absolute key to almost every innovation. Simply the ability to measure with precision is absolutely necessary for advancement. A civilization which can use Geometry and Trigonometry can do some wonderful things. This information is out there and available to a vast percentage of the world’s population. Like all tools, it can be used for good or for bad, but the tool is just that, a tool, with no moral capacity.

    I have the feeling that a lot of the ridiculous things we hear about are, at their core, publicity seeking and not really indicative of seriously held opinions. Our virtually useless news media loves a headline that generates interest, so the more outrageous the idea, the more publicity it receives.

    1. Except that in this case, any 9th-grader who insisted on treating math as math would probably be punished.
      These people aren’t kidding. They really are that loony.

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