When 2+2 Ain’t 4

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Hmmm… Looks like the math mighta been a little off…

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Hooray! Canada is still a sorrier mess than we are! [sardonic cheering]

How about this? “Mathematics has been used to normalize racism,” say Ontario school bigwigs (https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/ontarios-grade-9-will-teach-mathematics-has-been-used-normalize-racism). It turns out the big wigs only fit on fat heads.

From now on, 9th-graders in Ontario will be taught that math with right answers is just the “marginalization of non-eurocentric mathematical knowledges.” Honk if that sounds sensible to you.

And get this. According to one school official, learning how math is racist will lead to “good-paying jobs.” Just because her head is swelled doesn’t mean there’s anything in it but hot air.

Lessee… Do you want to drive on a nice, high bridge designed by chipmunks who think 2+2 adds up to different things for different folks? Like, for People Of Color (POCs), 2+2 = 3, but for pygmies in the rain forest it’s 5, and in Ontario the sum is different day to day.

These are the doofuses who are “educating” your children. You can’t even learn math anymore without gagging on Far Left Crazy doctrine.

Our only hope is to demolish public education before it demolishes our civilization.

Large buildings designed by people who can’t do math are very, very dangerous.

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  1. Mathematics is about as pure as truth gets. 2 + 2 has to equal 4, there’s no way around it. I have heard that there have been isolated civilizations where they referred to anything over 3 as “many”, because they had no numbers above 3, but I’m not certain that is actually true. It sounds like something some sociologist would delight in writing about, even if it was not strictly accurate.

    These people are fools and they are attacking the very civilization which sustains them, while implying that other civilizations could not possibly ever master math. Sounds pretty racist to me.

    1. That story sounds like one of those put-ons that “primitive native tribes” like to run on credulous anthropologists.

      And of course they’re racist. They’re leftids.

    2. I wonder if God found some humor in it too. It says that he laughs at the plans and schemes of men, so Margaret Mead being bamboozled might have brought a chuckle.

  2. It used to be they only taught how racist America is in the Social Studies class (they don’t have history classes anymore), but that wasn’t good enough for the fascists teachers’ unions. Now CRT is for every subject and the most important part of it – they are saving America from itself, you know.

  3. And all sane people saw this coming, as surely as two trains heading toward each other with the brake lines cut.

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