Any Guy Can Be a Doll!

Three Dinosaurs High Resolution Stock Photography and Images - Alamy

This year’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue is the first to feature a fake woman on its cover–a man impersonating a woman, but they call it “transgender” and you’re supposed to “celebrate” it… or else.

I am not going to reproduce that cover. Here are three dinosaurs instead of three swimsuit models who actually all look like they’re the same person (only one of them’s a man who says he’s a woman).

SI brags that the three sex objects–oops, I mean “models”–on the cover “are all different!” No, they’re not. Yeesh. We were just writing about robots an hour or two ago, and here are three alleged humans who might as well be robots.

Yes, I hear you: “C’mon, Lee, don’t be a prude, show us the cover!” But in fact the cover’s no big deal: you’ve already seen its like a thousand times. The only thing different is that one of the “women” is a man (pray for his mother). They look like they came off an assembly line.

How great a weight of perverted idiocy can we pile on our civilization before we flatten it?

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  1. I don’t know.. I know, in reading Scripture all these years, we knew it was going to be bad as we near the
    end and the return of the Lord, but really, I never would dreamed of such idiocy as all this. Until recently, men were very proud to be men, and the more manly they could be the better they liked it. We women liked them manly as well. So disheartening to see such as this.

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