Did You Hear That???

I’d never heard of this bird until yesterday. The potoo–that’s what they call it in South America. It usually isn’t seen, but often heard. Listen!


6 comments on “Did You Hear That???

  1. I have a suggestion for a hymn for tomorrow: Rock of Ages. There are two good ones, Guy Penrod and Tennessee Ernie.
    I think the writer of this hymn may have seen the same thing I saw when I wrote the study on foot washing,
    from John 13 and 19. Not many have understood this.

  2. Haunting. The birds in my neck of the woods all sound pleasant and normal, The Blue Jays can make annoying sounds if they want but I love them too much to let it bother me. I like it when they make their chirping sound after I have laid our peanuts for them – I think they are saying thank you.

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