‘Is the Bible Ambiguous?’ (2018)

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How many commandments are they breaking here?

I’m re-running this post as a public service. When abortion-loving Kamala Harris tells us that “the Bible says” we should all get shot up with some experimental COVID drug. The day we need religious advice from that source will be a sad day indeed.

Is the Bible Ambiguous?

St. Peter tells us that the Bible is not ambiguous. It does not tell us we can perform abortions, teach little children that they should be “transgender,” and “marry” a man to a man, a woman to a woman, a human to a toaster-oven.

There is no “private interpretation” of Scripture–none that’s allowed, at least.

Steer clear of anyone who claims to have one.

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  1. You are absolutely right; we do not have any such privilege as they assume; interpreting Scripture through a personal bias. The fear of the Lord is the “BEGINNING’ OF WISDOM. What a time it will be when we all stand before the judgement.

  2. I have heard some pretty fanciful interpretations over the years. For me, it all began to make much more sense when I quit listening to interpreters and started reading the Bible and taking it as it was written.

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