‘You White People–!’

A demonstration drew people to protest Critical Race Theory in schools.

They still think they can force this down our throats.

I received a comment yesterday that went straight into the trash bucket.

This person–I am assuming he really is a person–was there to defend Critical Race Theory. He defended it by saying a lot of things that included the phrase, “You white people.” ‘Cause we’re all alike, ya see–all born bad, according to Hypocritical Race Theory. (Y’know, I think I’ll call it that from now on.)

What if I went around saying “You black people”?

I don’t reply to such persons because I don’t trust myself not to lose my temper and say something which I’ll regret later. I have come to understand that Democrats and other Far Left villains want us to hate and fear each other according to race. They want us at each other’s throats. And I don’t want to give them what they want.

CRT is a war against America. The good news is that virtually everybody really hates it a lot. It may be the only thing that you can get most Americans to agree on.

So we should be able to win this war–if we have the stomach to fight it.

8 comments on “‘You White People–!’

  1. All this nonsense reminds me of a bunch of spoiled brats, screaming and having a fit because they saw another kid eating an ice cream cone and they don’t have one. I’ve seen it in places of business since I was a kid myself, and it has only got worse. Anything to cause a stink.

    1. More like anything to grab power over people. Divide and conquer, and all that. And they got a good head start last year, when they were training people to fear and distrust each other with the virus propaganda. “Everyone around me is a danger to me, and I’m a danger to everyone around me. Stay away from me, at least 6 feet away! Look at that person without a mask! He’s trying to murder me!” And so on.

    2. I ran into that in Whole Foods, because I wore my stupid mask below my nose so I could breathe: “You’re contaminating all of us!” I replied with a witticism, “Oh, piss off.”

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