Stupid Stuff That’ll Kill Us

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We as a nation are doing stupid stuff that’ll kill us if we don’t stop.

*Purposely stirring up racial hatred, fear, and animosity, teaching Hypocritical Race Theory in our public schools–for no reason at all, except to help Democrats wield their politics against us.

*The whole transgender thing.

*Refusing to protect our southern border.

*Panicking, shutting down the national economy, suspending our rights, and going absolutely bat-schiff whenever a new germ crops up.

*Training our armed forces to look on their fellow Americans as the enemy.

Why are we doing those things? What benefit could they possibly have for us? Instead of a republic, we seem to be trying to create a rule of the incontinent over the incompetent. It’ll turn out to be like Hell.

If we don’t stop doing these things, we’re done for.

[Note: I’m thinking of expanding this into a Newswithviews column; so reader comments and feedback will be very much appreciated. Unless it comes from leftids.]

2 comments on “Stupid Stuff That’ll Kill Us

  1. Leftists have always done this, i.e., deliberately destroyed the existing culture in order to rebuild it into something new. Of course, once that new thing is built — and it usually turns out to be a hellhole — it now becomes the new existing culture and thus also needs to be destroyed. That’s the whole basis of leftism as defined by Marx: “Criticize everything that exists.” The Revolution must always continue, which means everything must continually be destroyed. It’s quite literally a program from Hell.

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