Book Review: ‘The Dumbest Generation’

The Dumbest Generation, Mark Bauerlein, Penguin | Yannig Roth / This is my  blog

The purposeful cultivation of ignorance–and they call it “education.”

I’m rather proud of this book review. It took a lot of thought to set it up. Being able to write snippets of it here on the blog first was a big help.

We have an education system whose finished products, at least half of them, brag about never reading a book. Others read only what they need for work. And the more hi-tech “educational electronics” we throw at them, the less they read, the less they learn. And they take a perverse pride in it. They embrace their ignorance.

I suppose it’s possible that if you used computers etc. properly, you really would enhance your education. But that’s a moot point because hardly anyone ever uses computers to enhance his education. Mostly all this expensive electronics is used for idle pastimes.

Anyway, read this book. You’ll understand why American education is perhaps the most expensive disaster ever inflicted on a nation.

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  1. Part of our judgement? Turn the back of the nation on God, and the result is disaster in every department.

  2. A shortfall in religious education should be number one because a person is not truly educated if they do not know the Bible. A big problem today is because people have access to the world wide web and can get any question they have instantly answered they think they know everything – this is true, a real problem. I use technology for learning and could spend all day on it easily but I do have other obligations.

    1. I found no evidence that the author of that book is a Christian, with Christian concerns. I think he would say that the Bible should be read because it’s such an important part of our cultural tradition.

      That was the one weakness in his presentation.

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