Lemme At That Tail!

Is this what cats’ tails are for–chasing? And the tail almost always gets away. My question is, How come they don’t get dizzy, doing this? I know cats can get dizzy. I used to pick up Buster and spin around a few times, then let him back down so he could pretend he wasn’t dizzy even as he bumped into all the furniture. He also liked being spun around on the computer chair.

5 comments on “Lemme At That Tail!

  1. That’s cats for ya. They will chase anything that moves- even if they have to make it move.
    A song suggestion for tomorrow: Terry MacAlmon performing In The Presence of Jehovah

  2. Oddly enough, of all my four (sequential) cats, I’ve never had one who chased his (or her) tail. They’ve all seemed to recognize their tails as being part of their own operating systems. They’ve chased other moving things, though … including me, when I’ve walked away from the kitchen without feeding them.

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