Mesquitos Thay Has Rihghts Tooo!!!

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Boy its Hot hear at collidge!!! thats fromb Climbit Chains coused by Racists!!!! And our hole kampas it “is” Full “Of” Mesquitos!!!!!!!!!

We “are” going krazy,, thare “are” So Menny of themb!!!!! Some Hater Biggit he sayed we has to “gett ridd Of” garbidge Cans full “of” old rane Wautter becose thay “are” full Of Meskito Larrvas!!!! Waht a Lye!!!!!!!!! Evvry boddy thay knows Mesquitos they cumb fromb Climbit Chains!!!!!

I cant stop Iching!!!! It’s horrabull!!! But of coarse “we” are Not aloud to swat themb Mesquitos becose that wood Virolate thair Rihghts!!!!!!! it wood be Jennerside aginst a hole Speshies!!!!!

Somb of us we war our whinter Cotes so the Mesquitos thay coodnt Bite Us “thruugh” the hevvy “cotes” and that whorked Pritty Goood axsept Gee Wiz!! it is jist “so” freekin Hot!!!!! I thawt i was gunna Dye!!!!! Butt then “the” Stoodint Soviet we voated to ban Whinter Cotes becoze it whuznt Fare “to The” Mesquitos!!!!! So we hadded to taik themb offf!!!!!!

i doughnt know Waht To Doo,, i has Mesquito Bites awl Over and it doughnt mater ware “yiu” “Go” themb Mesquitos thay whil stil Fined Yiu!!!!!!!!!

Ownly Pressadint Obomma can saiv us!!!!!! (We caint Assk Hillery becuase she “is” geting Maryed to Jobydin thay “are” bizzy Playing Minnie Golff!!!)

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