Teacher Union Sues Mom… for Asking Question

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When a mother in South Kingston, Rhode Island, asked to see a copy of the curriculum that her 5-year-old child would be taught in kindergarten, the National Education Assn. and its local branch swung into action.

The parent has been served with a lawsuit and billed $74,000 to fulfill her public records request (https://goldwaterinstitute.org/article/nea-sues-mom-for-asking-questions-about-curriculum/).

Charging exorbitant fees to examine public documents is a frequent government dodge intended to keep the plebs from getting nosy. We do wonder why it’s still allowed. Public records that can’t be examined by the public aren’t very public, are they?

It is believed that the teachers’ union in South Kingston has stonewalled because they don’t want the public finding out they’re using the people’s tax dollars to “teach” Hypocritical Race Theory and transgenderism. The mother has made over 200 requests for curriculum matter and been turned down every time.

Again, this is a regular practice of public education, to keep the public in the dark.

America is “educating” itself to death, and the very least we should expect is the right to know what the hell they teach our children. (I say “the hell” because that’s where some of these so-called lessons come from.)

The system is broken; public education is too far gone to be reformed. We must withdraw our children from the public schools and watch the system die–and the teachers’ unions with it.

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  1. The fact that this mother continues to keep her child in a public school is the problem – exit the gov’t schools and take the education of your child as your personal responsibility.

    1. When talking to people who pulled their kids from public school to home school them, because of systemic problems, one of the arguments made against doing so was, you can’t fix the system if you leave it. Basically, parents were told they needed to leave their kids in a system that was causing them harm, while they parents were expected to fight to fix the problems they were seeing. I encountered quite a few parents that would not pull their kids for exactly that reason. They didn’t want to be seen as “quitters”.

      Another argument made was, the more parents left the system, the less money individual schools would get, and that meant poorer quality education for other children. So pulling one’s own children was viewed as selfish.

  2. Back when my sons were in school, and we ran into unreasonable goings-on, though nothing as asinine as today- my husband had no patience at all, and he was quite an aggressive type, and he went to the school more than once and threatened the principal if he did not cease and desist, and back then, it worked. It wouldn’t now.

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