Hymn Contest Winner!

Before the whole thing turns into “What hymn contest? What’s he talking about?”, let me announce the winner of the contest. Drum roll, please.

On July 28, Ina requested I Saw the Light, by Johnny Cash, which received 21 views that day. The prize is–well, she already has the new book, The Wind from Heaven, but there’s still the cool T-shirt that says “If they have to kill us, they’ve lost.”

Ina, please let me know which prize you’d like to receive, and send me your mailing address.

Note: Just because the contest is over doesn’t mean we’re going to stop posting hymns and taking hymn requests. We’d love to post yours!

7 comments on “Hymn Contest Winner!

  1. Thank you all. So glad you enjoyed it. I would love the t-shirt Lee. My address is 16 Rotherwood Avenue, Glasgow, Scotland G13 2RJ.

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