Now That’s Cute!

All right, all right… so I should call myself “the Sappy Swordsman.” But I can’t help it–these two are irresistible. Kitten and chick cuddle up together for a nap: domestication does some strange and wonderful things.

7 comments on “Now That’s Cute!

  1. I’ve seen some of these Teddy Kittens videos before. They’re about a family of British Shorthairs, and they’re charming. I also like the Tiny Kitten videos, about a Munchkin breed kitten (short legs) and his new companion, a British Shorthair kitten.

    Please keep Iggy and me in your prayers. He’s not himself this morning, even after his visit to the vet yesterday and his seeming rally, and I’m very worried.

    1. Thank you, Erlene. I’ve been praying especially fervently for you these days. May the Good Physician Christ cradle you in His love.

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