‘Your Public Education Dollars at Work’

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Not a real place!

American “education” is the costliest fiasco in all of human history.

How many college graduates understand that constellations are not real places?

Your Public Education Dollars at Work

Well, like John Dewey said, the purpose of education is not to make people smarter and more self-reliant. The aim of education is to make them manageable. By elites.

All-wise, all-powerful Space Brothers from Orion… You don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

3 comments on “‘Your Public Education Dollars at Work’

  1. I was born into a society that was, for the most part, free of mythology and mysticism, but that has certainly changed over the course of my lifetime. There was always an undercurrent of such nonsense, but nowadays it’s mainstream.

    1. There was a line in one of my old horror books, Mind Stealer: “The flip side of technological progress is ignorance and superstition.” I see no reason to change my mind about that–even if only a few of us know what a flip side was.

    2. I agree and we are seeing it. Most people have no comprehension of our technical world and many people have very superstitious notions about high tech and once superstition takes root in one area of life, it spreads like dandelions.

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