‘Why Do I Even Bother?’ (2013)

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It only looks like Orion because of where we are when we see it.

Is there really Secret Knowledge that comes down to us FROM ORION?

Hint: No.

Why Do I Even Bother?

The things that people think they know! You sort of stumble into a conversation, and the next thing you know, you’re being lectured about Space Brothers who built the Pyramids and still pop in now and then to help us with our laundry.

This from the costliest and most intrusive “education” system ever devised in world history.

‘Why Do I Even Bother?’ (2013′

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What does it say about the world’s biggest and costliest public “education” system, when thousands, if not millions, believe in super-powerful Space Brothers FROM ORION?

Why Do I Even Bother?

No one, not even all-powerful “Annunaki”, can be FROM ORION. That’s because there’s no such place. “Orion”–like any other constellation–is only a pattern which human imagination, from earth’s unique vantage point, imposes on a scattering of stars.

You try to explain this to people and they look at you like you just offered to sell them giant beanstalk seeds.

And then they start making decisions based on their belief in Annunaki FROM ORION…

‘Your Public Education Dollars at Work’

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Not a real place!

American “education” is the costliest fiasco in all of human history.

How many college graduates understand that constellations are not real places?

Your Public Education Dollars at Work

Well, like John Dewey said, the purpose of education is not to make people smarter and more self-reliant. The aim of education is to make them manageable. By elites.

All-wise, all-powerful Space Brothers from Orion… You don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Official and Bona Fide Video of Honest-to-Pete Japanese Nephilim

“This is not fake!” an organization called “Conspiratruth” assures us. Well, you coulda fooled me.

That “giants in the earth” verse in the Bible (Genesis 6:4) has inspired an awful lot of twaddle. The Hebrew word doesn’t mean “genuine 15-foot tall giants who require special exemption to the laws of gravity so that their otherwise human skeletons don’t collapse,” but never mind. You don’t have to call them “nephilim.” You can call them “Annunaki.” They’re from Orion. There is not really any such place as Orion, but never mind.

The folks in this footage, otherwise occupied by some kind of military parade, seem to take the giant in their stride.

How many people, educated at great cost to the public and to their families, believe in conspiracy theories? In Annunaki from Orion? In “You can keep your doctor”?


Do Deer Read Road Signs?

Thanks to Linda Sorci for reminding us of this incredible talk radio phone call!

The caller’s argument relies on the premise that deer can read. And when they read “Deer Crossing” road signs, they naturally assume that this must be a good place for them to cross the busy highway.

Is that really any sillier than believing “the Annunaki” from outer space secretly came to earth to micro-manage human history and genetically engineer critters like centaurs?

This in a country that spends more on “education” than any civilization in the history of the world.