‘Weird White People’ (2018)

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Is it even possible for normal people to understand the Far Left Crazy?

Probably not!

Weird White People

Our “education” and “entertainment” industries turn out these nimrods by the tens of thousands. It’s hard to outgrow college. It took me almost 30 years.

Now that I’ve learned to hear the axes grinding behind the scenes, I find I can’t un-hear them. So many of our movies and TV shows come with lots of little commercials for assorted Left-brewed evils all embedded in the plot. Some of the shows are just unwatchable because of this.

Watch any British cop show–if there’s a Christian clergyman in the story, he dunnit!

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  1. At this point, I have all but completely withdrawn from the entertainment industry and popular culture. I simply no longer care about what is on TV, current movies, etc. While not everything is bad, a lot of it has to, at the very least, display fealty to the pet causes of the Left.

    I’m beginning to understand why the Amish live with as little connection to the outside world as possible. The Amish do not hate electricity, but they don’t want to be linked to the outside world by wires. It’s as much symbolic, as it is practical.

    1. I’ve started going through my movie collection and am realizing that a lot of movies which may be fairly tame with regard to language, sex and violence, still promote world views I don’t share. I’ve also eliminated certain actors from my viewing, because I can’t separate their real-world conduct and the views they promote.

    1. Yeah–and they wrecked that new Father Brown show by forcing it to be PC to a preposterous extent (like having Brown bless a lesbian relationship, and introducing that well-known figure of leftid fantasy, the abortionist with the heart of gold.

  2. I threw out my last TV set in 1998 when I realized I hadn’t turned it on since 1991. And I have no desire to see almost any of the movies in the past couple of decades. The last movie I went to was “Bella,” and before that “Jurassic Park.” Instead I have a small collection of movie DVDs from the 1950s through 1970s.

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