Encore, ‘We Are Not Alone’

I’m not doing well today. Last night I was clobbered with an allergy attack and it’s still tormenting me. And my leg still hurts, etc.

Phoebe thought it might well do me good to hear this hymn again–We Are Not Alone, by Voice of Eden. Now this hymn will be in my head for a while–of course it does me good, and thank you, Phoebe.

Anytime you can find Christians singing under a banyan tree, you know the Great Commission is alive and well.

8 comments on “Encore, ‘We Are Not Alone’

  1. I am not doing well so far today either. There are wildfires not far from here, seven homes are reported as having burned, and I don’t know who they belong to yet. I have friends in that direction, and I still have my brain fog, but found some research and ordered an herbal remedy that I hope will help.
    This song is a great reminder for all of us with difficulties.

  2. THis week has been hard for me, ministry wise and personally and with the news in Afghanistan…so behind on WordPress. This song though ministered to me

    1. Let’s pray for a better week, Jim. My leg could certainly use one.
      Afghanistan–something like this always happens when you have a Democrat in charge. Remember the Iran Hostage Crisis?

    2. Some people are saying that Jimmy Carter is celebrating at having finally lost the title of Worst President in American History.

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