They Came Out in the Rain

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It’s raining today–a quiet, steady rain–and it brings me back to a vivid memory of my childhood.

We lived right next door to the woods, and sometimes when it rained, box turtles would come out of the woods and parade across our back yard. Because I was such a little child, I remember them as being eye-poppingly large turtles.

We had a screened-in back porch, with a glider. My mother liked to read out there on rainy days. And I remember her calling excitedly, “Oh, come and look! Come and see the turtles!”

And there they’d be, strolling across our back yard in the rain. Usually three or them at once. We thought they must be a family; but box turtles don’t live in family groups. It was just a few turtles doing the same thing.

Where were they going, and why? Was it always the same couple of turtles? Our little woods was rich in wildlife. My friend and I once saw a huge enormous horned owl who scared us silly. And with all the wild blackberry patches, there were always plenty of turtles.

It hardly needs to be said that the lovely little woodland, with its turtles and blackberries, has been erased by developers and politicians who say They Protect The Planet and Look Out For The Public Interest by enriching themselves and screwing everybody else.

But it was a beautiful world, the way God made it.

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  1. God’s creatures are so amazing! We have a gray tree frog living under our grill cover this summer. He is really friendly, and lets me pick him up and set him in the shrubbery when we want to use our grill.

  2. I thought I would make a hymn suggestion this evening for you to consider for morning. How Great Thou Art. There are lots of versions available. It is one of my favorites for many years.

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