Homeschooling ‘Surging Across America’!

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I don’t usually do news on Sundays, but this is good news that ought to hearten us.

All across America, homeschooling is growing by leaps and bounds. An article in The Federalist analyzes the trend (

Did I just say “trend”? It’s more like a rocket going off.

And why is it such good news?

Because 1) homeschooling produces smarter and wiser citizens who will not be easily deceived; 2) homeschooling could reach a point where it cripples “public education” and, more to the point, the teachers’ unions; and 3) without money and manpower donated by the teachers’ unions, and their indoctrination of young people to shape them into useful idiots–without public education and teachers’ unions, the Far Left Crazy in America dies.

A consummation devoutly to be wished! And prayed for. And worked for.

Anyway, in fall of the 2020-2021 school year, census data showed 11.1 percent of households homeschooling, double the previous year. By May 2021 it was up to 19.5 percent! That is pretty heft growth.

Why is homeschooling on the rise?

The top reasons cited by The Federalist: Parents don’t want their children wearing masks all day; because of the lockdowns, many families were forced to try homeschooling and discovered that they liked it, that it really worked for their children; that they really, really, intensely didn’t like all the Far Left crapola on the curriculum, especially the “transgender” push and Hypocritical Race Theory. Nor were they at all pleased with academic standards that get lowered again and again.

These are compelling reasons, and so far they add up to about a fifth of America’s families opting for homeschooling instead of yielding up their children to the tender mercies of Far Left teachers’ unions.

We don’t know how many children have to stay out of public school before the system collapses and the teachers’ unions along with it.

The unions have doubled down on Critical Race Theory.

Let’s make them pay for it.

7 comments on “Homeschooling ‘Surging Across America’!

  1. I sorta blew up in their faces, eh? With people who have for decades and decades lived freely, you can only push them so far. YEAH!

  2. The COVID situation has had some curious side effects. One of the biggest is that people realized there were different ways to accomplish the same thing. I have spent the last year and a half adapting my workplace to a work from home environment and my employer is poised to save vast sums of money, because the lockdown demonstrated that we actually did better without having everyone in one central location. Amazingly, when the lockdown restrictions were reversed, there were two people, a fraction of 1% of the workforce, that couldn’t wait to return to the office. The rest of us said “no thanks, we prefer working from home”, and so it will be. We have reduced our floor-space requirements by over 70%, and now we have room to spare. I actually have a bigger office now than I did pre-COVID, even though I rarely visit there. 🙂

    So, with regard to schools, the lockdown probably demonstrated to a lot of parents that the useful aspect of education can be accomplished in a fraction of the time that the public schools expend. It’s hard to keep them locked in a schoolroom after students have accomplished their learning in 2 hours per day. That will be the one thing which will make public education fall from favor.

    1. I agree.

      Just my own thoughts on the matter: COVID 19 has unleashed some interesting changes in the social order. People are seeing their way around some of the social conventions that have dominated for generations, and are realizing that there are other ways to do things. As bad as these COVID 19 measures have been, they have eroded the authority of many institutions in our civilization, including mainstream churches and the educational system.

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