‘The Second Tower of Babel’ (2017)

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If you ever thought you could study archaeology without being nagged about a lot of Far Left twaddle, you thought wrong. Nowadays archaeology is all about Saving The Planet and reining in White Supremacy. (Barf bag, please.)

The Second Tower of Babel

In fact, you can’t study anything today without having PC palaver rammed down your throat. And it’s all gibberish, they make it up as they go along. (Done any othering lately? How ’bout that intersectionality? Blah! Blah!)

The original Tower of Babel judgment, in which God confounded human language, was a sovereign act of grace and mercy that protected us from world government.

Today humanists confound the language in an effort to set up world government–with themselves in charge of it, of course.

May Jesus Christ deliver us.

4 comments on “‘The Second Tower of Babel’ (2017)

  1. And He will deliver us in the moment chosen by the Father. Our job is to be ready when that moment comes at the 7th trumpet.

  2. It’s interesting that you bring up Babel, because I feel that we are at another Babel inflection point. Obviously, when God acted at Babel, He had a good reason to act as He did.

    As a civilization, we have tried to undo Much of what God imposed at Babel, but it has not been entirely smooth sailing. We have instant worldwide communications systems and we even have computerized translation between languages, but none of these translation systems work flawlessly. Even when people in distant places speak the same language, that doesn’t mean that they understand one another. Accents, regional variations and the difference between classroom English and English saw it is commonly spoken creates confusion. God divided the people groups by confusing their language and He is the only One that can reverse the process.

    As for the PC jargon, I think that comes from the deluded state that people find themselves in when they turn away from God.

    1. I believe the confusion of tongues at Babel turned out to be a blessing. Imagine the mischief we could have enacted without it.

    2. Agreed! It was a necessity and something that not even the globalist interests will find possible to reverse. Language is a gift from God, and He sets certain boundaries that limit us. Esperanto was an attempt to create a language of human origin, but it’s never taken hold and I’d be surprised if it ever did.

      At Babel, we were divided into people groups. I come from three district people groups, British Isles, Scandinavian and Asian. Of course, if you could trace anyone’s history, the people groups which have meaning in our day would probably only go back a handful of generations before there was mixing with other groups, so the nationalities we are familiar with are themselves blends of other nationalities that came before. There are numerous theories regarding the fate of the northern ten tribes of Israel, whom were captured by Sennacherib and ended up dispersed.

      I’d love to learn the accurate history of the ancient world. The history of South America and Central America is apparently quite complex, and there is more than abundant evidence that huge civilizations once flourished there. At least some researchers feel that the original inhabitants were quite different from the native people that currently occupy those regions, but no one knows for certain.

      So the Babel Dispersion may have had some very surprising effects. We really do not know much of what happened. Somehow, I have the feeling the God has a handle on all of this and that we might be surprised at how well it worked towards His ends.

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