‘Now They Don’t Want You Watching Football’ (2017)

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Why do liberals insist on living here? They don’t like America. They don’t like us, our culture, our religious beliefs, you name it, they detest it.

See if you can finish the sentence: Liberals who hate America continue to live here because __________.

Among the things they hate is football; and you’re a racist.

Now They Don’t Want You Watching Football

I used to like football. I loathe it now; but not being a liberal philosophy professor, I don’t see that as giving me an entitlement to take football away from everybody else.

Mystery of the ages: what makes these people so top-to-bottom awful?

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  1. Anyone who does not accept the Lord, and does not follow Him is under the sway of the evil one, and until they change the major thing, everything else in their lives is in ruin, and they want everyone else ruined.

  2. They need not bother their little scrambled heads on my account. Football is the last thing on my mind.

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