Going Postal?


Oops! Another mail truck bites the dust.

I’m having a hard time getting untracked today, so please bear with me.

I went to the post office this morning to buy a padded mailer so I could send Ina her prizes. There weren’t any mailers on the rack, so I asked if they had any in the back.

“What you see is what we’ve got,” said the clerk.

“But I don’t see anything!”

“We’re waiting for supplies.”

Yeah! Mail-in voting! Never again worry that we might somehow have an honest national election! Just leave lit to the Postal Service!

Oh… My friend Susan noticed that her mail carrier was desperately hot and sweaty. “Isn’t your truck air conditioned?” she asked.

He told her the tale. They were all set to air-condition their vehicles when Joe Biden got… um, “elected.” Air conditioning canceled! Instead, they’ll wait until the entire postal fleet is replaced by Electric Vehicles–’cause ‘lectric cars get their ‘lectricity out of thin air and don’t use any fossil fuels! And they Save The Planet! Everybody knows that!

Waiting for supplies… I wonder if they might develop a cargo cult.

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  1. I’ve lived over 88 years, and believe me, I have never seen everything going so goofy. Not during WWII, not any time. I even remember a lot from the Great Depression, even though I was only a child in the beginning of that high unemployment portion. Many people from my home state picked up and moved west where there was a little more employment. But, it seemed that the government was much less dingy, and
    in fact everything was being handled in sane and sensible ways. NOW!? Oh, boy, what a bunch of nut cases. The little local grocery store here in the village is in big trouble. Employees are being made to get the vaccine or be fired and most of them have been fired or quit already. That means we have to drive 35 miles to get anything. ggrrrr.

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