AMA Wants to Do Away with “Sex”

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One of the things that makes me so flaming tired is having to write about other people’s delusions.

The American Medical Assn. is calling for “sex” to be removed from birth certificates and other official documents. Why? I mean, they’re doctors, aren’t they? So they know perfectly well that every human being, with only rare exceptions, is either male or female; but they don’t want to know that. Because… “it can lead to discrimination” ( Unspecified kinds of discrimination, of course. Noting a person’s sex is also “actively deleterious to their health.” How? Shut up, you hater.

This is the AMA. It’s not supposed to be some bulls**t group that sways this way and that with every change of the political winds. But that’s what you get when you mix “science” with politics. You get politics.

So now it’s a career risk to say a man is a man and a woman is a woman. They know they’re spouting nonsense, they know they’re telling lies, but keep on doing it. They know they’re poisoning our culture in ways that haven’t even been guessed at yet. They know and they don’t care. Go along to get along. And who’s so bold as to disobey the LGBTQ machine?

Integrity… It’s a thing that people used to have.

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  1. Try as they might, they can not change what God has created. They only make fools of themselves.

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