Do Dead Men Tell No Tales?

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How’s this for an alarming bit of nooze? “[A] documentary filmmaker used voice-cloning software to make the late chef Anthony Bourdain say words he never spoke” (

Oh, it was only “a snippet of dialogue,” says the filmmaker. But it’s still managed to inspire a major ethics flap–as well it should.

Bourdain died in 2018; and of course the dead can’t defend themselves, and can’t explain or elaborate upon words put in their mouths by others. We can easily see where this might lead.

“Hi! I’m Ronald Reagan–and I just want to confess to you that all that stuff I used to say about limiting the power of the government, peace through strength, etc.–well, it was all a load of bull. I never meant a word of it! But once I started deceiving the American people, I just couldn’t give it up!”

(“But I saw the video on YouTube! He really did say that!”)

Or we might hear Phyllis Schlafly saying she only opposed the Equal Rights Amendment because she wanted America to be The Handmaid’s Tale. The opportunities for mischief are unlimited.

Little snippets of dialogue. Hot dog.

Dennis Praeger says truth has no value for the Left. He’s right: putting words in the mouths of the dead would be only another tool for them to advance their agenda.

We already have way too much lying going on. We can’t say which would be worse–for people to believe the lies, and base public policy on them; or for the people to learn that they can’t believe anything they hear from anyone.

Cut a society loose from God and see what happens.

It won’t be good.

8 comments on “Do Dead Men Tell No Tales?

    1. It makes a lot of sense. In the first chapter of Romans it talks about God giving people over to their desires, and this seems to have grown exponentially in recent times. One thing I am certain of is that what we see happening, in many places these days, is more than just the normal vicissitudes of society. Something big is happening. Our only hope is in our Maker and His Son.

    2. One easily forms the impression that the world’s entire ruling class has gone completely mad. Transgender movement: I rest my case.

  1. In future history books, this era will be known as the Age Of Fake. That’s assuming there will be any history books or anyone who knows how to read.

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