‘Science Ethics Crumbling, Investigators Say’ (2018)

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The push to “prove” Man-Made Climbit Change, regardless of whether it was true, did so much to corrupt Science; and now COVID panic is finishing the job. But look how far down the road they’d already gone, three years ago.

Science Ethics Crumbling, Investigators Say

What a stainless reputation Science had in the late 50s and throughout the 60s! You couldn’t sell tees to a golfer unless you wore a lab coat.

Now it’s so much lying and cheating, it might as well be all lying and cheating.

It takes a lot of the fun out of it, when you know they’re lying to you.

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  1. They can’t lie to you if you refuse to listen to them. Don’t watch MSM programming – it is all lies (maybe the weather report but that’s about it). Communism is using the Covid to extend its control over the nations.

  2. I was born into a small city in the Midwest which was relatively prosperous and a curious mix of a Midwestern agricultural economy and a handful of businesses which were quite technical in nature.

    Meeting the college-educated people that worked in the more technical fields was always interesting. Most were well spoken, well read and exuded an air of dignity and class. They tended not to swear and always sought to remain self-controlled, even in trying situations.

    As recently as 10 years ago, I worked with a man whom behaved like this; a well educated man from Chicago with a great work history and abundant experience in dealing with challenging business situations. He was under-appreciated by our mutual employer and treated poorly at times, but he never lost his dignity.

    That certainly has changed, however, and even highly educated leaders in business are as profane and vulgar as the surliest blue-collar worked I would ever have encountered, growing up. Our entire society is like this; with prominent people that parade their academic achievements whenever possible, but behave with all of the dignity of a drunken longshoreman in a foul mood.

    Hand in hand with this is the much more shocking abandonment of the standard of truth. The doctors I have used throughout life were honest men. The doctor that had treated my family for years passed away and I was shocked of how hard it was to find a replacement, who came close to his standard of conduct. It took 8 years to find someone as good.

    As you step towards the world of research science, politics becomes a major force. Research has to give the desired results and maintain the appearance of political correctness. Publish results that don’t fit the narrative and you’ll be sacking books at Barnes & Nobles in no time.

    I wish I had some magic pill that would solve this, but in reality, it comes down to character. At every level, the system has been corrupted by unscrupulous people, so that even an honest researcher is up against a stacked deck. Play along and play nice, because there are innumerable other researchers whom will do whatever it takes to be on the receiving end of that cushy research grant.

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