‘The World the Libs Would Build’ (2017)

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Let’s revisit a Newswithviews column from four years ago–when all Democrats could do about enslaving us was to dream about it and rant against our president.

The World The Libs Would Build

Now, though, they can do much more than dream! In just eight months they’ve ruptured our borders, returned us to being energy-dependent on not-so-friendly foreign countries, trashed our economy, lit a bonfire of inflation–and all of that is nothing, compared to what they want to do! Building a one-party socialist failed state hell-hole is their dream; and now they’re working on making it a horrible reality.

In just eight months, look at what they’ve done to us…


4 comments on “‘The World the Libs Would Build’ (2017)

  1. Incredible. Why would any sane person want such a system. don’t they realize they will be hurt too?

  2. It is going to backfire on them. At college football games the guys are chanting “F*ck Joe Biden!” Everyone hates what he is doing that is normal and not brainwashed. The Supreme Court has ruled illegals have to stay in Mexico until vetted for asylum status. My Att Gen along with other States is suing the fraudulent biden administration over the vaccine mandates. Our Sec of State says it will not be enforced in Arkansas. These communist lunatics have awaken a sleeping giant called the regular American people. And here comes Trump in 2024.

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