Yay! Back to School! (???)

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They play a commercial on the PA system at our Stop & Shop, advertising their cornucopia of “back to school” products. The ad features a host of children cheering maniacally because they’re so tickled pink to be going back to school. We have just entered the Twilight Zone.

Back to school, yay! Critical Race Theory, yay! I hate you and you hate me because everything, everything, everything is the color of your skin!

Worshiping Aztec gods, yay! Transgender ’round the clock, yay! Socialism! Globalism! Red for Ed! Yay, hooray, huzzah!

Gotta mash up their brains and get ’em ready for college. Democrat Party can always use more useful idiots.

But cheering because they’re going back to school… I think that might be the weirdest thing I’ve ever heard in my life.

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  1. Through redistricting in our city, all seven school board members are up for election, and their terms have been extended from 3 years to 5 years. Our City Elders group already has two male members on the board (all the others are lib women) and we already have three dynamic Christian women to run for the school board – this is good news!

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