Get Ridd ‘Of” ‘The” Constertuition!!!!!

133 Words or Less: You're Shredding the Constitution | Michael Maharrey

Tooday we hadded “a” meating Of “the” Stoodint Soviet and we done Somb-thing it whil maik Hisstery!!!!! We voated “to” abollix that no-good US Consittusion!!!!!!!!!!

That thare dum thing it was wrote “in” like “the” 13th Sentry and it “Is” jist not good for Nothing heer in this heer 20th Sentry!!!!! It “is” like toatilly Out-of Daite!!!

And wood yiu Beleave it???? Nott one singul Trans-ginder Non-bynairy Person hadded any Thing todo whith It!!!!! Thay was Oxcloodid!!!! Aslo this stinkin Countree of Ours it never-never-nevver gotted that thare Consperussion APPROOVED “by” The UN!!!!! Can yiu beet that?????

We kneed “a” brandnoow Constiracion that is only wrote by Peeple Of Culler!!!! And aslo by Peeple in Oather Countrees too!!! Wye diddnt noboddy in Indea or Soodan or Boilivier evver get to wrote anyy “of” “The” Consatushin??? Whas that fare???

We kneed “a” hole niew Cunskaration that whil throe wyte peeple In Jale for hasing Wyte Privlidge and Racist thawts!!!!! If it whas Up “to” Me i wood lock Up Evry-boddy axsept Mynahrities and aslo peple who Are “at” Collidge!!!! And aslo I wood maik it “a” law that Dunkin Donuts thay has to be Free fromb nhow on!!!!!!

So wee “Are” goingto Send a Leter “to” Jobydin assking himb to get ridd Of “the” Conscetrusion so we Can has Femminists in Sawdy Araybier “write” a New one foar us!!!!!!

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  1. There must be some kind of award for Most Misspelling Variants Of A Single Word. Joe would be a shoo-in for it. Or, as he would say, “a shoe-inne.”

    Of course, Joe and his classmates probably have never read the Constitution, since (a) why bother reading such a racist sexist homo/transphobic xenophobic document in the first place, and (b) none of them can read.

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