Memory Lane: Favorite Board Games

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We didn’t have hi-tech fancy electronic videos back in the Bronze Age, but we did have board games. And with summer waning, my friends and I knew it was time to dust off our favorite games. (I’m not counting Monopoly or chess, because we played those all year round.)

My cousins had Clue. “Col. Mustard in the Kitchen with the Candlestick!” I think the first game we learned to play was Chutes and Ladders. Look at the picture–there’s Stratego. You love it when they blow themselves up on the hidden mines, trying to capture your flag.

Candy Land. Sorry. Pachesi. Mille Bournes (oh, yeah!). Settlers of Catan (for adults). Go to the Head of the Class (did any of you ever play that?).

I’d love to hear what your favorite board games were–or are. They come in mighty handy when the weather’s not cooperating.

But I suspect that to enjoy them properly, you have to not have a cell phone.

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  1. Not a true board game, but I love Yahtzee. I was an only child and it was rare when I had someone to play games with. I can still shuffle a mean deck of cards and play solitaire for hours 😜

  2. In addition to Monopoly and Clue, some of our childhood favorites were Careers, Rich Uncle, and something I think was called Boom And Bust (or maybe that was part of Rich Uncle). We liked to play cards, too, especially Rummy, Go Fish, and War.

  3. Monopoly! That was our go-to favorite board game with Parcheesi coming in a close second. Besides board games we played 500 Rummy and Crazy Eights card games. One summer when school let out my sister and I started a game of 500 Rummy on the very first day after school was over for the year. We kept that game going all summer. We played mostly in the evenings after playing outside before the sun went down. We went way beyond 500 for sure because we played the last round on the very last day of summer vacation. I wish I would have written down out scores and who had the most points but I didn’t but I treasure the memory of that card-playing summer.

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