‘They Sexually Assaulted Each Other… Simultaneously?” (2018)

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Far Left Crazy culture is impossible to understand rationally. And it hasn’t gotten any better since this post was written, three years ago.

They Sexually Assaulted Each Other… Simultaneously?

Gee, remember “#MeToo”? It sort of got quietly put away after it started to chow down on big-name leftid media figures, but its inane spirit is still with us. Sexual anarchy combines with hair-trigger “sexual policing” for a really tricky culture.

Eventually they’ll want to punish you for not having sex.

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  1. This is one area where the morality of the Bible is ignored by many, but truly, this is the area of life where that morality demonstrated its value in a very big way. I’m astounded by how many professing Christians live sexually immoral lives. We can’t pick and choose what parts of the Bible we will live by.

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