Memory Lane: ‘Death Valley Days’

I just loved the opening theme of Death Valley Days–that haunting bugle solo. And there was something evocative in that distant view of the 20-mule team.

And then, of course, Rosemary DeCamp would come on with another ad for 20-Mule Team Borax, whatever that was, and the spell would be broken.

Death Valley Days first aired in 1952 and ran to 1970. In 1964-65 future President Ronald Reagan was the host (he quit to run for governor of California, which he eventually achieved).

6 comments on “Memory Lane: ‘Death Valley Days’

  1. Oh, I remember this one. Hadn’t thought of it in a long time, but I rather liked it at the time.

  2. Boraxo is still available and is a laundry booster, when clothes are really dirty, it will help.

  3. I had forgotten all about this program. Thanks for reminding me. It starting airing in 1952, a year before I was born. Wow, so long ago. It’s to bad I can’t stop remembering programs like “My Mother the Car,” which only lasted a very short while.

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