Comment Contest: Win a Term as President!

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How would you like to be president of the Untied States–with absolute power to do any flamin’ thing you want?

Well, now the exalted rank of POTUS can be yours… if you’re the lucky reader who enters Comment No. 80,000 on this blog!

Yes, we have it on unimpeachable authority (heh-heh!) that the Constitution is soon to be retired, with the country governed from now on by whatever Mandate pops into a president’s or governor’s head. Imagine the fabulousness of handing down your first Mandate! And everybody has to obey it–or else! “From now on all doorknobs must have smiley faces on them!” “All persons whose names begin with R, report to The Camp!” “Odd-numbered days are now Barack Obama Day!” I mean, you could go just complete crazy…

Best of all, you won’t even have to be elected! Just win the comment contest. And the next thing you know, you’ll be moving into a Presidential Palace (just like the one in the picture!) and getting set to Change The World!

13 comments on “Comment Contest: Win a Term as President!

  1. Actually, I have never had the slightest desire to hold an office like that, just wish there were someone who would like it and would fill it correctly.

  2. The “Untied” States is a pretty good description these days. (I’m assuming that’s part of the satire and not just a typo.) “Unhinged” would be even closer.

  3. By the way, if I were absolute dictator … I mean, president, I would outlaw public schooling. I would also kick out every single blooming bureaucrat and send the deep swampers to Guantanamo Bay. Every woke military leader would join them.
    All congressmen and senators would receive no pay, only room and board (not fancy, either).
    Lobbying would be illegal.
    Voting machines would be publicly destroyed.
    Social security would be cashed out to those who had paid into it, and then the program would end.
    All social programs would be phased out.
    All woke preachers would be arrested for causing division in the church.
    Facebook, Twitter, Google, and all the other giant corporations and tech companies would be split up into thousands of small private businesses and the former CEOs arrested.
    No one from outside the country would be allowed to hold shares in any American company.
    Only American-made goods could be sold in America.

    And that would just be the beginning.

    1. Laura, I’ll vote for you — twice! (Isn’t that how it’s done these days?) 🙂

    2. If we devoted as much time and energy to dominating leftids as they do to dominating us, they’d be crushed in a week.

  4. Laura,

    I don’t know how serious you were. But a few of those ideas should be done, and can be done, such as:
    phasing out all social programs, not stop them completely, as to help those who receive them to adjust, and to help the Churches put in place a system, to help those people, to help themselves. Of course, funding for evil, like abortion, would end immediately.

    • All social programs phased out within 5 years.
    • All foreign-aid payments from our government to other governments would be phased out within three years. Of course, aid to some countries should be terminated immediately.
    • Public schooling should only be paid for by those who want it. All others would be exempt from paying into it.
    • Lobbying would be illegal.
    • Social security would be phased out, let’s say in 5 years. All SS “taxes” would stop being deducted from everyone’s paychecks.

    Some of the things you mentioned, if you thought a bit more about them, you would not want to do. Only American-made goods could be sold in America? Really? Some products like autos, are such a mixture of parts, which are made in numerous other countries, how would you “fix” this? And this goes for numerous other things. That is not the answer, banning non-America made goods from being sold. There is a solution, but I am not going to get into it.

    Arresting woke preachers? On what charge? Causing division is not a crime. A congregation can and should take care of that problem. Kick out that preacher, or leave that church.

    And some of the other things, if one president could do those things, the next guy who was elected, could undo it, and make things much worse. We have to abide by our Constitution, which if followed, would take care of most of the problems we have today.

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