Official Stats: College Students Going Bonkers (2016)

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Just because you’re nuts doesn’t mean you have to be unhappy!

If it was this bad five years ago, how bad is it now?

Official Stats: College Students Going Bonkers

Are ordinary yardsticks of mental health still relevant if everybody’s crazy? And what is it that’s sending droves of college students to the campus shrink?

I wonder what it takes for someone to recover from the college experience.

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  1. Good point. Tucker Carlson was telling about a nunnery where one of the sisters began meowing like a cat. When she kept it up others started imitating her. By the time the overseer came to check on them they all thought they were cats. Speaking of going crazy, my wife, daughter and I are driving to Arizona today for over a weeks vacation at a family get together. I will try to stay current with the Blog on my IPad.

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