Elect Normal People!

Group protests Critical Race Theory at Fort Worth ISD school board meeting

By now it must be obvious even to the trees along the sidewalk that our local school boards are jam-packed with Far Left wackos who want to fundamentally transform our country into a Third World socialist basket case. These people, whom we so trustingly elected, have got the whole package–Critical Race Theory, mask mandates, transgender propaganda, anti-American pseudo-history, and so much more.

They are not on our side. They are supposed to represent us, but they don’t.

They have to be voted out of office. One at a time, or in bunches, whatever we can do. They’ve got to go.

As a reporter, I covered many local school board elections. In smaller school districts, it’s really not that hard to get elected to the board. Not that many people bother to vote. In a certain town I used to cover, a man was elected to the school board with five write-in votes–a little prank by his drinking buddies. The point is, a candidate’s friends, family, and neighbors can probably elect him to the school board.

We should be doing a lot of that! Wackos out, sane people in. People who are not interested in teaching racial fear and hatred or turning boys into girls.

In large school districts, of course, the job will be more difficult. Normal people will have to organize. The characters they have currently on the board are interested in pushing through their evil and stupid Far Left agenda, and you can be sure they’re in cahoots with the teachers’ union–one hand washes the other. So here the community must come together to boot the leftids out of office.

Remember–they won’t listen to you, they don’t give a fig for your concerns, they think you’re all just racists and antediluvian dummies, and they’ve sicked the FBI on parents who object to their Far Left curriculum. They don’t represent you. They represent only their agenda.

Even better would be for all the normal people to pull their children out of public school and let the leftids preach to empty classrooms. Homeschooling is better and more affordable than ever.

Kill public education, and Far Left Crazy dies.

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