FBI’s New Target: Conservative Catholics

US: FBI probes Clinton Foundation over corruption claim

Coming soon, to a church in your neighborhood!

Is the FBI running hog-wild, or what?

Now they’re “watching” Roman Catholic churches for signs of “white supremacy” etc., etc. (https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/02/fbi-warns-radical-traditionalist-catholic-ideology-leaked-memo/)

According to a leaked memo, the rogue “law enforcement” (LOL) agency is probing “Traditionalist Catholic Ideology”–all those naughty people who want to keep the Latin Mass. The FBI has a new name and acronym for them! They are now “Racially or Ethically Motivated Violent Extremists,” or RMVEs. (Please ignore the fact that no one’s yet committed any acts of violence on behalf of the Latin Mass.”) By George, they’re RTCs–“Radical-Traditional Catholics.” Make that “Rad-Trad” and you’ve got a barbecue sauce.

Oh… these very naughty people are also “anti-immigrant” and “anti-LGBTQ.” The FBI does not think you should be allowed to oppose those things.

Has the time come to poop this party? Oh, yeah. There is no reason for the FBI to continue to exist, since they’ve turned themselves into the Democrats’ favorite goon squad. The new Republican House of Representatives should defund the agency. Let their real employers–the Democrat Party, not the American people–pay them.

Just In, Feb. 10: Now that the cat’s out of the bag, reports are that the FBI top goons are backing off this in a hurry. I wonder what our, heh-heh, “devout Catholic” president thinks of this.

‘U.N. Tomfools At It Again’ (2016)

Petition · Defund the UN and its Corrupt Practices · Change.org

Abusing America with America’s money!

Lately the United Nations has been letting the World Economic Forum, Big Tech, and undergrown nimrods to do its dirty work. But six years ago, they unleashed their Working Group of Experts on People of African Descent…

U.N. Tomfools at It Again

We get this demand for “reparations” from some of the same countries that still practice slavery within their borders–and they preach to us? We got rid of it over 150 years ago… and at a cost of half a million lives. We gave at the office, sunshine.

When are we going to wise up and part company with these international crooks, thieves, and babblers? I mean, if there are any bigger hypocrites anywhere on earth, I don’t know where we’d find them.

Hillary’s Hubris


(Photoshopped 16 ways from Sunday)

No sooner had the rogue FBI raided President Donald Trump’s home–seeking evidence of “potential (!) mishandling of classified documents”–than Hillary Clinton, two-time loser in the presidential sweepstakes, came out of the woodwork with $32 caps that read “But Her Emails.”

That refers to the thousands of classified documents she mishandled–and later destroyed–while she was secretary of state for *Batteries Not Included. She had confidential, classified emails stacked up on a private server–a lapse for which a low-level State employee would have been imprisoned.

Speaking of lapses, here’s what she really looks like.


So, yeah, she’s out there rubbing it in our faces, reminding us that she totally got away with trashing thousands of special government papers. She sez her little hats are sold out, but they can print up more. The money will go to her “Onward Together”–“onward” to what? (don’t ask!)–Political Action Committee.

Go ahead, Hillary–run for president in 2024. I double-dog dare you.

Run as many times as it takes to destroy the Democrat Party.

They raised the stakes this week, raiding President Trump’s home.

They deserve to go down the tubes with Hillary. Someday “I’m with Her” will be a thing they’ll wish they’d never said.

Celebrate Independence by Obeying Globalists!

Tents from the homeless on the sidewalk in San Francisco, California, USA  Stock Photo - Alamy

Are you sure you want globalism? Dig the “Right Turn Only” sign. That’s there because they’ve already made their Left Turn. And how.

They’re at it again–trying to get us peasants to eat bugs (https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/07/eat-bugs-live-pod-south-african-entrepreneur-says-caterpillars-healthier-option-steak-latest-push-convince-people-eat-bugs/). This time it’s “mopane worms” from Africa.

We’re supposed to eat bugs instead of meat, ’cause it’s “more sustainable.”

Tell you what: I’ll think about eating creepy-crawlies after I see Obama and Kerry and Hillary and Biden actually do it. Here ya go, a nice bowl o’ bugs!

Will the day come when we have no independence at all? When we still celebrate the 4th of July, but have had its meaning erased from our minds?

Or will we come to our senses and pitch these globalist tyrants into history’s landfill with all the other tyrants?

Erasing Our Freedom

We Cannot Tell a Lie: The Danger of Misquoting George Washington |  Washington Crossing Historic Park

[See Why Tech Totalitarianism Threatens to Turn America into Canada or China Unless We Stop It, by Kara Frederick in The Federalist (https://thefederalist.com/2022/02/23/why-tech-totalitarianism-threatens-to-turn-america-into-canada-or-china-unless-we-stop-it/) ]

So it seems that the glaringly misnamed Dept. of Justice is setting up a “terror unit” focused on “anti-government or anti-authority” sentiment. By which they mean anti-them and anti-their pretensions.

Have they forgotten how our country was founded? Maybe they simply don’t know. Let me clue you in, DOJ–the American colonies rebelled against both the government and the authority of Great Britain. We did not say “May I?” We did not wait for permission to set up our own country.

And the one that we set up, according to the Declaration of Independence, derived its powers from the consent of the governed. Do you see the difference? They, the freakin’ government, are the ones who are supposed to say “May I?” They need our permission!

But we seem to be drifting away from that lately, don’t we?

Yesterday was George Washington’s birthday. If he were alive today, he would be leading an army against the city that so unworthily bears his name.

Government and Big Tech are colluding to become our masters.

Give them your profound distrust.

A Frivolous Aspect of Government

Of course they were only kidding about a Ministry of Silly Walks, there’s no such thing, government would never dream of wasting our money on anything like this!

We wish.

But if you’re one of the few human beings watching the Olympics, you’ve already seen a lot of silly walks by sports teams and soldiers belonging to the world’s most hellish tyrannies. For some reason they all do silly walks! Did the Nazis start that, or were some despots organizing silly walks before Hitler came along?

Whatever the history, they’re still doing them today. And somewhere in America there’s a little bunch of Democrats trying to come up with their own silly walk for the day they can make the republic disappear.

‘UN Calls for “Unprecedented Societal Change”‘ (2018)

See the source image

Citizens of the world, one and all!

The corrupt dictators’ club that is the United Nations, a couple of years ago, highlighted The Supreme Struggle Against Climbit Chainge by suggested that part of it would have to take the form of Unprecedented Societal Change. They never explained exactly what they had in mind, so it was left up to satirists to speculate.

UN Calls For ‘Unprecedented Societal Change’

There are ideas as bad as world government–that whole transgender thing, for one–but there are certainly no ideas that are worse. The would-be masters of the world want global government so bad, they can taste it. Climbite Chainge couldn’t quite do it for them, but now they’ve got King COVID working for them.

O Lord of hosts, smite them…

Elect Normal People!

Group protests Critical Race Theory at Fort Worth ISD school board meeting

By now it must be obvious even to the trees along the sidewalk that our local school boards are jam-packed with Far Left wackos who want to fundamentally transform our country into a Third World socialist basket case. These people, whom we so trustingly elected, have got the whole package–Critical Race Theory, mask mandates, transgender propaganda, anti-American pseudo-history, and so much more.

They are not on our side. They are supposed to represent us, but they don’t.

They have to be voted out of office. One at a time, or in bunches, whatever we can do. They’ve got to go.

As a reporter, I covered many local school board elections. In smaller school districts, it’s really not that hard to get elected to the board. Not that many people bother to vote. In a certain town I used to cover, a man was elected to the school board with five write-in votes–a little prank by his drinking buddies. The point is, a candidate’s friends, family, and neighbors can probably elect him to the school board.

We should be doing a lot of that! Wackos out, sane people in. People who are not interested in teaching racial fear and hatred or turning boys into girls.

In large school districts, of course, the job will be more difficult. Normal people will have to organize. The characters they have currently on the board are interested in pushing through their evil and stupid Far Left agenda, and you can be sure they’re in cahoots with the teachers’ union–one hand washes the other. So here the community must come together to boot the leftids out of office.

Remember–they won’t listen to you, they don’t give a fig for your concerns, they think you’re all just racists and antediluvian dummies, and they’ve sicked the FBI on parents who object to their Far Left curriculum. They don’t represent you. They represent only their agenda.

Even better would be for all the normal people to pull their children out of public school and let the leftids preach to empty classrooms. Homeschooling is better and more affordable than ever.

Kill public education, and Far Left Crazy dies.

Justice Dept.: School Board Protesters Are ‘Domestic Terrorists’

Scottsdale school board restricts meeting access amid mask tensions

“Don’t you people get it??? SHUT UP!!!”

Hey! Remember that so-called “moderate,” Merrick Garland, whom Ol’ *Batteries Not Included wanted to appoint to the Supreme Court in the final few days of his administration? The Senate wouldn’t let him do it: stick us with some guy who’s gonna be plaguing us for 25 or 30 years, while he himself is about to leave the White House.

Well, Garland is baaaaaack!

Now this so-called “moderate” is our attorney general, at the head of the Justice Dept. And now he agrees with the National School Boards Assn. that parents who vigorously dissent from the school boards’ more radically asinine policies are… domestic terrorists.

Give it another two months and the term “domestic terrorist” will have no meaning at all, other than to denote anyone who’s not a rug-chewing leftist wacko.

Garland cites innumerable “threats of violence” against school board members who want to fill children’s minds with Critical Race Theory and “transgender” propaganda. Not one of these supposed “threats” has ever been carried out. When Antifa/BLM/Democrats (forgive the tautology) burn down half a city and physically attack anyone who isn’t them, the Justice Dept. and Our Free & Independent Democrat Nooze Media call it “mostly peaceful protest” and do absolutely nothing to restrain it. Plus we have on public record a multitude of cases of libs creating their own “hate” incidents as hoaxes: vandalize your own car and blame the guy with the Trump sign on his lawn. It would not be the least bit surprising to discover that many of these “threats” against school board members are totally fictitious.

Of course, they could stop the “threats” this afternoon simply by dropping transgender and CRT indoctrination from the curriculum. But “educators” are fully committed to these abominations, and fully convinced that the American people are ungrateful slobs who should just shut up and pay their school tax.

America will never be safe until the Democrat Party is put out of business. Forever.

Warren, Schiff, Want to Suppress ‘Anti-Vaxxer’ Books

The books have been burning | CBC News

Burning and banning books has always been a feature of modern tyranny.

A U.S. Senator and a U.S. Congressman have called on amazon.com to “change their algorithms” to direct customers away from books critical of the government’s COVID “vaccination” campaign (https://www.theguardian.com/books/2021/sep/13/us-senators-condemn-amazon-for-promoting-anti-vaxxer-books)–because anything not sanctioned by the government is “misinformation” and “leading countless Americans to risk their health,” blah-blah.

Yup–it’s Sen. Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren–how come claiming to be a native American, when you aren’t, isn’t “peddling misinformation”?–and Rep. Adam “Impeach Trump!” Schiff who now want to get into the business of book-banning. They haven’t demanded that the books be burned in bonfires, but that’s only because that’d be really terrible optics.

Once again, we have the pro-choice crowd trying to take away our choices. It’s a bad habit.

And I suppose I’d better get back to writing mine before they try to ban it. Being a novel, my book is not in the least factual.

Have I ever mentioned I’m a full-blooded Cherokee descended from a long line of chiefs from France and Germany?