‘The Diversity Ice Cream Shop’ (2017)

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Now that we have a–well, they’re calling him a “president”, who poses as a connoisseur of ice cream cones, and thereby fascinates our Free & Independent Democrat Nooze Media, it’s high time we revisited the Diversity Ice Cream Shop.

The Diversity Ice Cream Shop

By gum, there is only one permitted flavor and heaven help you if you even think about asking for another! If you try that, you’re just asking for a visit to the back room and a beat-down.

One flavor, one vaccine, one political party, one health care plan, one opinion only on any conceivable subject–that’s diversity! And we’ll achieve it if it kills us.

Which it just might.


6 comments on “‘The Diversity Ice Cream Shop’ (2017)

  1. If they really think they are going to fit us all into one mold, they are even more idiotic than anyone can imagine. God created us, He separated us at the time of Nimrod, and that is the way it is going to be. period.

    1. Every time mankind goes against the will of God, they end up on the losing end of the bargain. After the Flood, God directed mankind to spread out and fill the earth. But they decided to defy this instruction and attempted to set up a centralized civilization in Babel. We can see how well that worked. Throughout the earth are ziggurats that were built after the Babel Dispersal. Basically, recorded history comes into being after that event, but there are major hubs of civilization that left no historic record. Relatively little is known about the ancient civilizations of Central and South America and the Indus Valley, for example.

      The nations, at least many of them, are on a course of defiance, trying to reverse Babel. It will not go well.

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