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Can you get a degree in stuffed animals?

You’ve got to read Phoebe’s comment today, on “College Crapola Du Jour.” You can find it attached here:

Yes, here we have a major public university providing a “Quiet Room,” which they are not embarrassed to call a “safe space,” complete with stuffed animals, for both students and staff.

Stuffed animals? Say it ain’t so! (“I’m afraid it is, kid.”)

Have we not gone more than far enough with our “Everybody goes to college” experiment? I mean, I like stuffed animals, too–but I never thought of them as part of my education. Especially in college!

Go ahead–try, just try, to prove this ought to play any part in anyone’s so-called “education.”

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  1. There are many things going on in “education” that have no legitimate place there. Stuffed animals are some of the least offensive things, but doesn’t mean they should be there.

  2. I have nothing against (toy) stuffed animals. I actually like the idea, but they are not something I would expect to see in a business setting. If students need a quiet space to cuddle toy animals in college, they may find that the business world will not be so accommodating. People need to grow up, and leave the toys at home.

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