‘Personent Hodie’ (‘On This Day Earth Shall Ring’)

Yes, all right, it’s a Christmas hymn–tell me there’s a bad time for that.

First sung in 1582, Personent Hodie–sung here by the choir and congregation at First Presbyterian Church in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania.

4 comments on “‘Personent Hodie’ (‘On This Day Earth Shall Ring’)

  1. I don’t have to like every song you place here, do I? You can’t always hit a home-run. But just the same, please kept placing those hymns on this post, I always listen. I am sure some of your readers will like this and be glad you placed it here.

    1. The only kind of hymns or worship songs that I rule out are “rap”–not that anyone’s ever asked for any. Personally, I favor traditional hymns. But I try to fulfill all hymn requests by readers.

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