Guvermint Thay Wil Maik Me Ritch!!!!!

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I jist fowned Out that the guvvermint thay whil Pay “yiu” a Milyin Dolors or sumbthing for crosing “the” Boarder!!!!! So sumb of us hear “At” Collidge we whil go daown thare and Cros “the” Boarder!!!!! and then we whil Be ritch!!!!!! heck it shoodnit be tooo Hard “to” Sneek into Mecksaco!!!!!!!!!

But frist it is Hallaweeen to-morroh and i got “to Gett” “a” Cosstomb so i can “go” Trick Oar Treeting!!!!! Sumb idjit thay seen my Moth Antenners “and” sayed “Yiu awlreddy got a Cosstomb” and that maid me Pheel Bad so i hadded “to go To” the Saif Spaice for a wile and do Play-Doh!!

I has de-sided to putt my Hed incide “a” Punkin and pree-tenned to be a Jacko Lantrin!!!! That whay no boddy thay whil “see My” Antenners!!! Then I whil get Candy!!!!! Ownly wen I whent Lassed Yeer somb Laydy “she” gived me theese heer Toooth Payst cookys,,, and thay maid Me Sick!!!!!

Sumb-day i wood lyke “to” has “a” Cittazin Of The Whirld Cosstomb and “get” A jobb in “the” Guvvermint!!!!

6 comments on “Guvermint Thay Wil Maik Me Ritch!!!!!

  1. Here’s an idea, Joe: Why not dress up as a moth? Then no one will say anything about your moth antennas. You can even make up mothy pronouns for yourself.

  2. Collige Joe puts new meaning of the phrase “hiding your head in the sand.” He is a big supporter of AOC who says we just need to print as much money as it takes to get the job done.

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